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At Anomo, we believe that relationships and our connections with our fellow beings are core components of the human experience.  Opportunities, partnerships, friendships, and love are all found through these connections.  Yet most of our relationships are relegated to a small number of people that form a "clique" that we struggle to break out of due to a natural aversion to exiting and exceeding the confines of our comfort levels.


Each day we blindly walk past unnamed people who, had we connected with them, represent an opportunity for a better life -  a model who meets a talent agent - an entrepreneur meeting an angel investor - the biggest Seahawks fan in Seattle, meeting the second biggest Seahawks fan in Seattle - a man, meeting his future wife - a woman, meeting her soulmate.


These winning lotto tickets are currently left to expire, unscratched, unexplored, and lost forever.  The world has benefited from the transparency and openness that technology has afforded the masses - knowledge of housing values, stock prices, the value of goods, the cheapest plane ticket from Seattle to New York, the actions and accountability of our government.  It's time for this openness and transparency to be applied to the most valuable asset of all - the people around us.   Anomo opens up a brave new world consisting of the infinite number of dynamic communities centered around the people around us in real time.  No longer are our fellow human beings blurs of anonymous, black and white, unknown masses, but instead, real, colorful, engaging individuals brought to life by the power of Anomo.


Discover, Engage, Connect.

What We Stand For

Creating a safe, uplifting, and real place for our community to connect and discover one another is not an easy task.  Without the proper guidance and rules, the community can quickly degenerate and become inundated with name calling, negative trolling and explicit content.  Anomo is a vision, a dream, perhaps even a bit of a utopia.  In order for Anomo to achieve its vision, and to provide to our users the safe, real, and uplifting community that we are committed to, we realized that we must define a set of core values and ground rules upon which we live by and expect our community members to follow.  Otherwise, the actions of a few can quickly destroy the experience and enjoyment of the rest of our Anomo users.



Guidelines to follow


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